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Access qualified, talented and experienced call centre staff, email support and web chat support teams, as well as other virtual customer-facing roles in the Philippines

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Outsourcing for Customer Support

We love nothing more than providing great customer experiences. Platinum Outsourcing is an expert in providing qualified, omni-channel customer support teams in the Philippines who are ready to start working for brands and businesses just like yours!

We can provide as small or as large a team as required, across a wide variety of different customer-facing job functions, enabling you to tap into a huge pool of talent through outsourcing your customer support to the Philippines.

phone support outsourcing to the philippines
The Scope

Outsourcing Services

Inbound Customer Care

Outbound Customer Care

Virtual Assistants

Web Chat Operators

Email Support


Outsourcing Benefits



Businesses often wish they had quick access to additional resources. However, recruiting, onboarding and then supporting full-time employees can be both time- and cost-intensive. This limits potential for growth and slows momentum, because it is often speed to market and the ability to quickly execute that prove to be the difference when winning or retaining customers. 

Partnering with Platinum Outsourcing gives you the ability to access talented and qualified human resources quickly and at a much lower cost. Whether you need a single person or want to build an entire offshore team, the capability to scale up or down is in your hands.

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Businesses are subject to financial ebbs and flows, and there is a significant financial commitment and risk that comes with hiring full-time employees onshore. The cost of hiring, paying salary and employment ancillaries (such as superannuation, insurance, etc.) is one of the most significant lines on any company’s profit and loss statement.

Therefore, the flexibility to be able to reduce this cost when cash flow is tight is a competitive advantage, and one of the key benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. Partnering with Platinum Outsourcing gives you flexibility when it comes to human resourcing levels, and as we do not lock you in long term, you retain full control.

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The talent pool in the Philippines is rich and diverse, and this is why some of the most recognisable brands in the world (such as Microsoft and Amazon) are currently leveraging teams here. Nearly 750,000 Filipinos complete a university degree every year, so that they are prepped and ready to enter the workforce. This means that the Philippines has more than 45 million trained and qualified people able and ready to work for your business right now.

Partnering with Platinum Outsourcing places this talent at your fingertips. Think outside the box and get easy access to outsourced teams in the Philippines.

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How it Works

Outsourcing Process


The Brief

You provide us with details of the role you wish to outsource, which can be as simple as a position title or more detailed, such as a job description or specific requirements of the role. We will then use this information to match you with the perfect candidate(s).

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Recruitment & Selection

Unlike our competitors, we can provide you with a range of candidates for all available roles — free of charge. There is no commitment whatsoever until you decide that we have found the perfect person for the job. You can choose to be closely involved with the recruitment process throughout, or you can leave it to us to handle on your behalf, saving you both time and money.

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Start Date Provided

Once you have selected your new offshore team member(s), we will provide you with details of their start date. In most cases, the time frame from brief to start date will only be 4 to 6 weeks.



We can handle all aspects of the induction process and employment ancillaries on your behalf, such as employee onboarding, probationary reviews, payroll, OHS, etc., as well as providing employees with brand new IT equipment. On your new offshore team member’s first day, we will take them through our company induction and get them set up so that they are ready to start work.

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Training & Handover

You have the option of receiving our assistance in the training of your new team member/s, an add-on benefit that we are pleased to offer free of charge. Once training is complete, your new team member(s) operate as an extension of your onshore team, except that they are located and work remotely in the Philippines.

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Ongoing Support

Each of our sites provide dedicated support through team leads, site leads and human resources staff, all of whom are available to you 24/7. Your offshore team is monitored in real time using human resources management software that links to our payroll, while our state-of-the-art secure delivery centres are equipped with biometric entry, CCTV, redundant internet connectivity, as well as back-up generators for any power outages.

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We Answer
Your Questions

Contact Us

How quickly can you find me what I need?

We can generally have your new team member up and running within 4 to 6 weeks. This includes the time required to gather details about what you need, then conduct interviews and prepare your new team members so that they are ready for work.

How much money can I save as opposed to hiring locally?

This is role dependant, but our current partners are saving between 50% and 75% on employment and related costs.

Am I locked in to working with you for a long time?

We don’t believe in locking our clients up in complex and lengthy agreements, so we have a simple 60 - 90 day notice period (depending on the role) if you decide you no longer require our services.

What are your facilities like?

Our state-of-the-art, secure delivery centres are equipped with biometric entry, static and roving security guards, CCTV, redundant internet connectivity, as well as back-up generators for any power outages. Our offices are bright and modern, and all of our team are provided with brand new IT equipment. We even have medical grade air purifiers to keep your offshore team healthy.

What about the time difference between Australia and Manila?

Our team works to your schedule in line with your time zone, in the same way as a team member working remotely within Australia.


“Platinum Outsourcing has given us access to skilled and talented .NET Developers, improving our speed to market on new releases of our software.”

Jason • Founder

“We are a fast paced, full service digital agency, serving start-ups to multinationals. Platinum Outsourcing has provided us access to a larger talent pool across a variety of functions, such as digital design. Dale is great to work with, extremely responsive and helpful, and so far the staff hired have exceeded our expectations”

Kate • Chief Customer Officer

“We have built a great offshore team in Manila through our partnership with Platinum. They currently support our business across both customer-facing call centre and back office (accounts and logistics).”

Jacki • Operations Manager

Platinum Outsourcing assists us in managing our customer support end to end, from call centre staff to claims and billing – we have vastly reduced our operating costs since partnering with Platinum.

Mike • Managing Director

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