10 Reasons to Choose Platinum Outsourcing!

Dale Pearce  •  April 8, 2024

1. Full-time, Dedicated Remote Teams

All of our team are employed full-time. This means they receive all of the statutory benefits afforded to them under the relevant employment and labor legislation in the countries which they work – such as security of tenure. It also means that money goes back into the economy (in the form of tax) to support their local communities.

Your remote team are employed specifically for your business, the same way in which you would recruit and select a candidate onshore in Australia. They are simply an extension of your onshore team, working remotely from our offices.

2. Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is fixed, and fully transparent. The amount invoiced to you each month does not change, and it is made up of two components:

  1. Employment Costs
  2. Our Fee

Employments costs are made up of the following:

  1. Base salary and allowances
  2. Government and statutory contributions
  3. Private Healthcare

What does our fee cover? Here are some of the items our monthly fee contributes to:

  1. Facilities
  2. IT costs
  3. Remuneration of our supervisory and support staff (HR, IT etc)
  4. Employee development and retention programs
  5. Performance based incentives

3. Modern, Secured Facilities

We strive to provide our teams and clients with best-in-class facilities to work from and visit.

Our flag ship office is located in the prestigious Filinvest City, in Metro Manila – 25 minutes from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Asian Star is a 22 story, Grade A, PEZA Certified, office building. The building is fully secured by static and roaming, armed security, with metal detectors on entry.

Our offices are located on the 14th floor with 360 degree views north to Makati, east across Laguna De Bay, south to Santa Rosa, and west across Bacoor. Entry is via biometrics, and all areas of operations are CCTV monitored. No mobile phones, recording equipment, removable data storage or alike are allowed within the operations area.

We provide both redundant power and connectivity. Our two-internet service providers use separate on premise, and submarine infrastructure meaning if one connection fails, we are able to remain operational.

Our Jakarta based team are located directly adjacent to the bustling South Quarter of Jakarta, on the 13th floor of the Metropolitan Tower (35 minutes from Jakarta International Airport). Similarly to our flagship office in Manila, the Metropolitan Tower is a fully secured Grade A building set within vast, tropical gardens with cascading water features it also features comprehensive lifestyle amenities including top floor pool, gym, and cafes.

4. Onboarding Support

We recognise that building a successful remote team requires effort and engagement from both the client and outsourcing provider. This is why we place a very keen focus on providing bespoke onboarding support for all client partners.

What does our onboarding support look like?

  1. We provide all new clients with a detailed onboarding pack, including details on how we support, KPI and performance manage their remote teams
  2. We provide written resources on cultural nuances, ensuring that you have the tools to lead your remote team, and keep them engaged
  3. We provide you with an onboarding schedule, that includes weekly video calls with your Customer Success Manager
  4. We have dedicated support teams (HR, IT, Operations) available to you in real-time, to cover any concerns, answer any questions, or provide you on-the-job support

5. Employee Benefits

It is a key part of our competitive strategy to be certain that we are attracting and retaining the best talent.

We focus carefully on reviewing the employment landscape regularly, and positioning ourselves as an employer of choice for candidates who are open to new opportunities. This is why we maintain a 4.7 (out of 5) rating on Glassdoor.

What are some of things we are doing to ensure our client partners get the best talent available?

  1. Compensating our team above market
  2. Providing additional earning opportunities (i.e. performance based incentives)
  3. Generous leave entitlements
  4. Fully subsidised private healthcare
  5. Regular company events and team building activities
  6. Medical grade air purification systems to keep our team healthy in the office
  7. Clean, modern and professional offices to work from

6. No Long-term Agreements

We don’t believe in locking our clients in long-term.

One of the key pillars in the outsourcing value proposition is lowering risk by having the option to scale your levels of resourcing up (and down) as required. Long, and complex cessation clauses erode this benefit.

We have a simple 60-day notice period for cessation.

7. Cybersecurity

Entry into our offices are via biometrics, and all areas of operations are CCTV monitored. No mobile phones, recording equipment, removable data storage or alike are allowed within the operations area – and ports on all assets are disabled, meaning data cannot be transferred to any external storage device.

We provide all of our teams with tier 1 IT equipment, and use industry leading, NinjaOne to manage, patch, and support all of our endpoints. Endpoints are secured via NinjaOne’s integration with Bitdefender.

Additionally, we deploy Controlio, which is a cloud-based computer monitoring software to all team members working from home.

8. Competitive Pricing

Whilst we do not compete on price, we remain price competitive. Generally speaking, our clients are saving between 50% to 75% on a like-for-like basis versus onshore hiring.

If you are interested in obtaining indicative pricing for any role, you can contact us here, and we will respond within two hours.

9. Fully Compliant, Legal Entities

Platinum Outsourcing has established legal entities in Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. This means that you can be assured that we are fully compliant and legally able to do business in the countries in which we operate, and which your remote teams work from.

10. Australian Owned and Managed

We are proud to exclusively service the Australian market. Dale Pearce leads the business as an Executive Director (Chief Operating Officer), and splits his time between Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Despite Platinum Outsourcing growing rapidly, Dale remains committed in being directly involved in the initial setup of all new client accounts, including personally handling the vast majority of recruitment, and talent acquisition.

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