SaaS & Technology Outsourcing

Scale quickly and sustainably, and improve your speed to market, by securing access to leading talent through leveraging outsourced teams in the Philippines.

Sales and technology coding outsourcing to the philippines

Outsourcing for SaaS and Tech Companies

Recruiting, onboarding and supporting full-time employees is both time consuming and cost intensive, limiting the potential for growth and slowing your momentum. Speed to market and the ability to execute quickly are key factors in winning market share, and outsourcing has proved to be a tried and tested solution.

Sales & technology outsourcing to the philippines

Outsourcing Benefits for SaaS and Tech Companies

  • Agility

    We don’t lock you in long term. This means you can remain agile in order to meet changing market dynamics, without the risk of employing locally, while also retaining flexibility when it comes to human resources.

  • Capability

    The reason why some of the world’s biggest and best tech companies trust the Philippines with their outsourcing needs is that you can access highly trained, experienced, capable developers and product teams.

  • Scale

    Scaling quickly and sustainably enables you to improve your speed to market, and you can access the best talent to help you do this through leveraging outsourced teams in the Philippines.

Sales & technology outsourcing to the philippines
How it Works

Outsourcing Process


The Brief

We get a brief on the role our potential client wants to out source, we might get a position description or job description over email. At this point we don’t lock client into an agreement with us (this makes us different from competition). We will advertise for that role, and hunt for that role.

Team outsourcing

Candidate Selection

Yes that is the right candidate, move forward, sign agreement. No long term lock in contracts - 60 days notice to cease services, 90 days for higher salaried positions (such as full stack web development etc.)
Clients pay a flat (set) monthly fee, an invoice is issued at the start of each month on 28 days terms

Candidates outsourcing

Start Date Provided

We give start date - generally 2-6 weeks from getting brief to first day of employment


Platinum Outsourcing Company Induction

We do company induction (platinum outsourcing policies/procedures, OH&S) on the clients behalf on their first day of work. On Day 1, we run our company induction for approx. 90 min and then their new team...

onboarding customers outsourcing

Hand Over to Client

Hand over to client, client will do training with employee. For some roles we can train staff on our clients behalf (free of charge)

onboarding customers outsourcing

Monitoring of Staff

Once all training all done, we have local shift leads, team leads that monitor staff, we have HR management software, we know when they log in and log out, we have performance reviews. We ensure your new offshore team are performing to an acceptable standard.

HR outsourcing

“Platinum Outsourcing has given us access to skilled and talented .NET Developers, improving our speed to market on new releases of our software.”

Jason • Founder

“We are a fast paced, full service digital agency, serving start-ups to multinationals. Platinum Outsourcing has provided us access to a larger talent pool across a variety of functions, such as digital design. Dale is great to work with, extremely responsive and helpful, and so far the staff hired have exceeded our expectations”

Kate • Chief Customer Officer

“We have built a great offshore team in Manila through our partnership with Platinum. They currently support our business across both customer-facing call centre and back office (accounts and logistics).”

Jacki • Operations Manager

Platinum Outsourcing assists us in managing our customer support end to end, from call centre staff to claims and billing – we have vastly reduced our operating costs since partnering with Platinum.

Mike • Managing Director

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